*We DO NOT open until 8AM, please DO NOT book any appointments prior to 8AM.*

Booking an appointment is very easy!

Available slots for the next week are shown.

1. Simply choose a service from the drop down menu below the calendars. Available time slots will appear based on your selection. We do not open until 8AM so even though the system may let you, please don’t choose a time before 8AM!

2. Choose which slot you prefer and you will be taken to a screen to input your reservation info.

3. Click the “Submit” button and you’re done!

4. You will receive a confirmation email shortly afterwards.

*If you see the alert “No events found for the bookable item within the selected date range” then you must either choose another range of dates and/or choose another service to proceed.

Your Sagenda account is not connected:

1. Create a free account on Sagenda. (set up your bookable items and events).

2. Copy your token (from the backend of sagenda.net Settings / account)