Pricing List

Here you can see what we have to offer and what you'll pay for it

Pricing Table for most of the services offered by Authentic African Hair Braiding.

The prices will vary depending on the length and size (width) of your style.

The prices below are the starting price and price may increase depending on the style and length that you choose.

Prices DO NOT include the cost of the hair (if you do not provide your own for select styles). 

Please ask for the total cost of services and hair (if applicable) before beginning your services!  Thank you.

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Service   Price Range   Duration
Box Braids $85+ 2-3 hours
Single braids $160+ 3-4 hours
Comb Twists $45+ 1-2 hours
Touch Up $55+ 1-2 hours
Take down $55+ 1-2 hours
Senegalese Twists $160+ 3-4 hours
Dreadlocks $160+ 3-4 hours
Kinky Twists $130+ 2-3 hours
Kids Corn Rows $35+ 2-3 hours
Kids Single Braids $65+ 2-4 hours
Men’s Corn Rows $25+ 1-2 hours
Micro braids $130+ 3-4 hours
Havana Twists $160+ 2-3 hours
Goddess Braids $25+ 1-2 hours
Ghanaian Corn Rows $55+ 1-2 hours
No Knot Corn Rows $55+ 1-2 hours
Marley Twists $85+ 3-4 hours
Corn Rows / Flat Twists $50+ 1-2 hours
Crochet Braids $120+ 2-3 hours
Sew In Weave $120+ 1-2 hours
Tree Braids $160+ 2-4 hours
Invisible Micro braids $180+ 3-4 hours